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Crawlspaces are closed off from the rest of the home so the moisture and other problems they have sometimes go unnoticed. Crawlspaces, especially ones with dirt floors, are highly susceptible to water and dampness during times of rain and high humidity and this can cause musty or mildew smells, uneven floors, drywall cracks, increased allergies or asthma symptoms.

Crawlspaces can be repaired, dehumidified or encapsulated to reduce energy costs, prevent mold, dust mites and insects, eliminate musty smells, and prevent swelling of wood and cracking of drywall on upper levels.

Main Line Waterproofing can inspect your crawlspace and suggest whether crawlspace repair is right for you.

To discuss your problem with us NOW, please call 610-642-4444 or request a FREE INSPECTION.

Crawlspace before repair

Crawlspace after repair

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