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Foundation Inspection & Repair Experts

StablWallOne of the worst situations a homeowner can face is a foundation that has:

  • Bowing Walls
  • Cracking in the Foundation
  • Leaking Water from the Walls

The sooner you identify these problems and contact us, the less expensive the repairs will be.

There are several major foundation repair approaches depending on the kind of foundation you have. Listed below are several types of foundations, problems, and repair methods:

Poured Foundation Repair

Vertical Cracks
Small vertical cracks are usually the first sign of a foundation repair problem. This problem occurred due to shrinking when the foundation was originally poured. Relatively inexpensive to fix if caught early.

Horizontal cracks
Due to contraction and expansion of the ground, these cracks may only get worse over time. Call us as soon as you discover these issues for a less costly repair.

Block Foundation Repair

If you are experiencing visible vertical cracks this may be caused by settling problems. Unstable soil conditions surrounding your basement is the culprit here. You may also see cracks around doors and windows caused by the same issue.

Foundation Repair Inspections

A foundation repair expert can spot trouble way before it can get to the catastrophic phase. The Delaware Valley has many different soil types and the type around your home could be a deciding factor if you are having problems. Our field inspection experience will provide a valuable line of defense against costly repairs down the road.

Bowing Walls Repair

There are new methods available to repair bowing walls that don’t involve heavy equipment, messy concrete or any invasive measure. It uses a product called S​tablWall which is a system of carbon fiber sheets that strengthens basement walls and concrete structures. The StablWall System uses specially engineered epoxies that bond the carbon fibers to a concrete surface. When used, the walls become stronger than before, eliminating the threat of additional cracking or bowing. This solution is more permanent and economical than previous methods like steel beams.

To discuss your foundation problem with us NOW, please call 610-642-4444 or request a FREE INSPECTION.

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