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Main Line Waterproofing provides complete sump pump services including:

  • New Sump Pumps
  • Industrial Plastic Sump Basins
  • Adding Additional Sump Pumps and Basins to Existing Pressure Relief Systems
  • Existing Sump Pump Replacements
  • Re-Routing Existing Sump Pump Discharge Lines

Sump Pumps are a crucial part of an interior pressure relief system (also known as a French Drain). A pressure relief system collects ground water from around your home’s foundation and channels the water to an industrial plastic basin where the sump pump is located. As water fills the basin the sump pump, triggered by a float switch, pumps the water a safe distance from the house. Typically the lowest point in the basement is the ideal location for the sump pump, but if this causes an issue there are options available.

While your main sump pump is very reliable it’s a smart precaution to have a back-up pump. Back-up pumps, both water powered and battery powered, provide peace of mind if the power goes out or there’s a malfunction with the main pump. This is especially important in a finished basement where a pump failure could cause costly damage as well as being a major inconvenience. Main Line Waterproofing carries a complete line of affordable sump pumps and back-up pumps customized for your needs.

Main Line Waterproofing carries a complete line of affordable sump pumps customized for your needs and provides complete sump pump services.

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