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exterior drain

When water seeps into your home from parts of the foundation, an exterior drain may be the best solution. These drains intercept water before it enters your home, then diverts it away. The water is sent through PVC pipes to a lower elevation, either to the street or to a far part of your property where is will be soaked up by the ground.

Drains are installed by first digging a trench around the entire foundation down to the footings. A layer of gravel is placed into the trench, then perforated PVC pipe wrapped in filtration fabric is placed all around the foundation. Gravel is placed on top of the pipe, and the trench is then backfilled. The water may then be diverted to a sump pit and pushed away from the house by a sump pump. It is also advisable to install a waterproof membrane on the foundation walls for extra protection.

Every basement that has a water problem is different. You can trust Main Line Waterproofing to prescribe the most effective solution for your needs.

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