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Responded Promptly To Estimate Request And Showed Up On Time

Work Performed: Installation of French drain and sump pump. Spot sealing of basement floor.
Responded promptly to my request for an estimate and showed up on time to look at the basement. Explained the work and what to expect. Crew showed up and performed the work as promised within the time frame agreed upon. Only complaint is that they did not clean up debris as thoroughly as I expected.

They Worked Together As A Team

Work Performed: Mainline Waterproofing removed the old French drain system, installed 86 feet of new drains and a new sump pump (including the basin), and flushed the old drain system beneath the bathroom to insure it was working properly. They also closed up the ash trap from the fireplace (which had previously been converted to gas) at our request. They treated the walls for mold, which was visible in some areas, due to the failure of the old system.

Responded quickly to our telephone call for an estimate. Herb came over to look at the job and was thorough in examining the space and explaining what needed to be done. Price was very fair, and Herb was agreeable to negotiate the price when we offered to do the preparation/demolition work ahead of time (removing 3 base cabinets and opening up the drywall 2-3 feet up from the floor level), which saved us over $500. They were flexible with scheduling…the first date we agreed upon became a problem for us, so they rescheduled a better time to accommodate our needs. The crew showed up on a Monday morning around 9 a.m., and finished the project by 4:30. Crew leader Mark and the rest of the guys worked very hard; some areas of our basement have limited access, and they had to break up concrete by hand. They worked together as a team, even in the pouring rain. The basement was left in good condition that night; two crew members came back the next morning to do a final sweep-up. Herb came over, too, for a final inspection and gave us a walk-through and demonstration of the pump (which had been working overnight).

One Of The Best Experiences I Have Had With A Contractor

Work Performed: Fixed Other Water Proofer Mistakes

I had significant water issues in the basement that I had paid two other contractors to resolve in the past. Unfortunately, their GUARANTEE didn’t mean much because as soon as I got water in the basement, the contractors would give me some bull that what they did worked and this is a new issue. Main Line Waterproofing came in there and diagnosed the problem correctly, created a drain system in the back yard to displace all the water rushing towards the back of the house into the creek in the front yard. Now I don’t have a water issue at all and I couldn’t be happier. The employees were so professional and personable. Easily one of the best experiences I have had with a contractor.

Main Line Waterproofing Did An Excellent Job

Work Performed: Installed a French drain, sealed basement walls, installed sump pump

As with any home project, there are minor trials and tribulations.The workers always arrived on time, and well prepared. Mark, supervising foreman, is an excellent worker who thinks ahead prior to starting a task, as well as out of the box. If I needed MLW to return to my home, I would definitely want Mark to be apart of the team. Overall, MLW did an excellent job. After a few minor set backs in the beginning, they were very accommodating and found a resolution. I am confident that if anything were to go wrong with the work performed…..they would return. They provided work and cell contact numbers. I have already recommended Herb and his crew to several individuals.

Many thanks to MLW.

I’m Very Impressed With The Speed Of The Work

Work Performed: French drain around basement perimeter, two new sump pumps, waterproof painting basement wall

Crew completed job in two days, which was originally estimated at five so I’m very impressed with the speed of the work. There was confusion over when payment was due for the work, but we got it figured out. Overall I’m happy with the work. The crew was finishing the job up on a day that a massive storm system was dumping floodwaters throughout the region, and they apparently were able to get everything hooked up on time.While driving into work that morning I was a bit panicked because my car was going through foot+ tall waters, so I was a bit concerned what my basement, which was ripped up when I last saw it, would look like when I got home.  When I got home, the pumps were running, system was working as expected. So far I’ve had no problems.

What Was Uninhabitable Space Is Now Our Favorite Room

Work Performed: Main Line Waterproofing made our wet basement a dry space that we were able to turn into a kids’s playroom and home theater. What was once a space that no one used even for storage is a place my children play in every day, and where I watch sporting events on our big screen television. What was uninhabitable space is now our favorite room in the entire house.

They were very fast to respond to our initial call. Herb was the person that oversaw the work. He provided us with a very competitive price for the work, and were mindful of our budget. He gave us a detailed plan of what our options were, providing samples of some of the materials they would use in the waterproofing process.The workers showed up on schedule and on time. They installed a french drain all around he perimeter of the basement, digging out a trench and installing conduits to channel any water to one of two sump pumps that were installed in discrete yet functional locations in the basement. They filled in the trenches with special concrete and left the job clean, with no traces of construction evident. The pumps run as needed automatically, and Herb also installed battery backups for the pumps. If there is a power outage, my basement will remain dry as the pumps will draw on the battery as needed.

Finally, Herb installed a dehumidifier that keeps the air on the entire floor as dry as I wish. After a very(!) wet summer, my basement remains dry. Most importantly, Herb and Main Line Waterproofing stand behind their work. If there is follow up work that is necessary, they are fast to respond. Any time I have had an issue, Herb came out right away and made thing right. I would recommend Main Line Waterproofing to anyone.

Best Price And By Far The Easiest Company To Deal With

Work Performed: Basement wall perimeter system on rental properties

I have used Main Line Waterproofing to fix damp basements on a few rental properties. Every time they were the best price and by far the easiest company to deal with. Jobs went smoothly with no surprises. The best part is that the work they did worked. I will use Herb for all my future projects.

Quality Job For A Great Price

Work Performed: 144 feet, french drain system, 2 pumps plus one battery back up, 2 crack repairs
Main Line Waterproofing seemed like a legit family owned business. I have heard “family owned” or “we don’t hire sub-contractors”, but this company actually did their own work. Other than covering up a couple places in the basement (which they fixed/cleaned), they did exactly what they said they were going to do. Installing something like this can set you back because of the price, so it was nice to get a quality job for a great price.

I Got What I Needed For A Price I Could Afford

Work Performed: Pressure release system with pump with battery backup

Shortly before the job, I found out that the concrete in the crawlspace was extra thick. I talked this over with Herb and he adjusted the price very modestly. Initially they said two days, but given what I now knew about the concrete, I was thinking three days. I took of work and since it *did* go three days, it would have been better if they just said three days at the start. Then if it was less, it would have been a nice surprise, instead I had to take of another day with essentially no notice to my boss.They did not actually spend all three days working on my crawl space – other things happened along the way which took them away – and that was fine by me. The three young gentlemen who did the work –  worked very hard, on the hottest days of the month. The first day they arrived with some new tool still in the box. It took a bit for them to figure it out but they did and work started in earnest. I have nothing but admiration for the job they did in that confined space.

I poked my head in every few hours an they were always very pleasant and polite and answered any questions I had. When there was a discrepancy between what was quoted and what the men on site were planning to do, Herb was called and everything was sorted out easily. Once the job was done, they did a great job of cleaning up. At the end, they had to leave the big negative air machine behind because with all the concrete they were removing, there just was no room on the truck. Fortunately I had a room mate who was home during the morning to give them access the next week, to pick the machine up again. I did call Herb after the job, when I had some follow-up questions and he returned my call promptly and set my mind at ease. I got what I needed for a price I could afford and that is HUGE for a brand new home owner.

Reliable And Professional At A Competitive Price

Work Performed: Main Line Waterproofing worked on my existing drain system to fix the water problem in my basement, in addition to installing a backup sump pump, and setting up an outdoor discharge line, along with a few other minor repairs.

Main Line Waterproofing did a great job fixing the water problem in my basement in a reliable and professional manner at a competitive price. I would be happy to recommend them to others.

Prompt, Professional and Friendly

Work Performed: Installed French drain and water barrier outside of crawl space, repaired asphalt at garage door, installed underground drain at downspout, remediated interior of crawl space & another basement wall (mildew & efflorescence)

The first repair attempt (french drain installation) was unsuccessful in resolving the wet crawl space. However, they returned promptly (twice) to attempt additional fixes. When those were also unsuccessful, they came out again and spent a great deal of time analyzing the situation. They finally came up with the successful fix (who would have guessed that water was running 30 feet under the garage to get into the crawl space?). All encounters with both Herb and his crew were prompt, professional, and friendly. The installation got another big test during the weekend of October 12 and the crawl space remained dry.

Fast, Reasonably Priced, Professional, Efficient and a Pleasure to Work With

Work Performed:

  1. Dug up and replaced existing partial french drain that was done incorrectly
  2. Added more french drain around the basement perimeter where it did not previously exist. Including one through the center of the room to decrease sub-floor hydrostatic pressure
  3. Dug a new sump pump pit and attached it to the new french drain system
  4. Replaced the old sump-pump pump
  5. Added Marine Battery backups to both pumps
  6. Attached plastic to the inside of all foundation walls to collect any seepage and direct it into french drain system
  7. Directed each sump pump drain outside
  8. Re-finished the concrete flooring where work was done
  9. For the non-bilco door walk-in entrance added an exterior line drain connected to the sump pump system

FAST, REASONABLY PRICED, PROFESSIONAL, EFFICIENT, A PLEASURE TO WORK WITH… but most importantly…WATERPROOFING THAT ACTUALLY WORKED !!! Even when we had a minor water issue a few months later (Due to a flooring company destroying some of his system) Herb came by to PERSONALLY inspect it and repair the damage to his system… NOW THAT’S STANDING BY YOUR WORK… even if it wasn’t your fault !!! We feel luck to have found them… HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

They Care About The Quality Of Work

Work Performed: Basement waterproofing

Called up Herb not knowing what to expect, but he came over in a day to check out the work and provided a very fair price, 50 percent less than the other quotes we received. I was skeptical but they worked with us on price and put in what’s basically a modified French drain. I wasn’t home when they did the work but the guys completed the job in a day and so far no water has since come in. Herb followed up and seemed to care about the quality of the work. He’s easy to talk to, funny, relaxed.

I Was Very Happy With The Whole Experience

Work Performed: Extended an existing French Drain

Herb, the owner, came out on a Sunday for an estimate (unheard of!), and immediately identified the problem in our basement. We had an existing French (perimeter) Drain in our basement that didn’t quite go all the way around the inside, and in the last 10 feet it didn’t cover, we were getting water. He explained how the project would work and what it would look like when it completed. We also talked about a few other water issues on the property and I’m thinking through which one to tackle first. He spent almost an hour with me and understood my needs and budget.The workers came out as scheduled, and left the job site better than they found it. I was very happy with the whole experience, and so far, no more water!

Extremely Accessible For All Of Our Questions And Requests

Work Performed: Installed french drain around basement perimeter, new sump pit and pump, and water-powered backup pump. Wire-brushed and mold-treated the walls. Replaced a section of sewer line.

After having significant flooding damage during Tropical Storm Lee in our previous home, it was a top priority for us to address the water issue in the basement of our new home. We had many different contractors come through to provide estimates and recommendations for the job, after pre-screening on Angie’s List. The estimates were all over the map and some of the vendors really put on the hard sell, trying to scare us into closing the deal that moment before interviewing others. In contrast, Herb from Main Line Waterproofing came across very trustworthy, straightforward, and knowledgeable, and came prepared with examples to illustrate the process. His price was very competitive and once we agreed to move forward, he was extremely accessible for all of our questions and requests. He first indicated the job would take 2-3 days, but they ended up putting extra guys on it and completing in 1 day – outside of cleanup and putting appliances back in place. Herb even went above and beyond expectations. The day of the job, I had a different contractor out to fix a leak under the kitchen sink after they had installed a new garbage disposal. The guy came out to inspect it and left without even attempting to fix it, claiming he needed to come bring a plumber out in a day or two. Herb couldn’t believe the lack of effort and unprompted he grabbed a wrench and hacksaw from his truck and went to work fixing a problem that had nothing to do with his job! As for the waterproofing job, everything was completed exactly as promised and on schedule. Herb accommodated our schedule at each turn, even sending a plumber out early AM on a Saturday to finish connecting the basement laundry tub. We were very pleased with Herb and the Main Line Waterproofing team and are confident we made the right decision. He did his best to make sure we were satisfied, and I would definitely recommend him to others needing similar work.

Out of 5 Companies, Main Line Waterproofing Was The Best Price

Work Performed: I used Main Line Waterproofing to fix the cracks on the foundation walls

I think they are good. I had cracks in my basement so I asked them to come and they gave me the lowest price. When all the other companies were trying to sell me big jobs and I really did not know the prices. They suggested the Epoxy injection to repair the cracks on the foundation wall. There had been problems but they gave me ten years or fifteen years or lifetime warranty so when I found problems they came back. Although they were not able to fix the problem one time, every time I found a problem they responded and they came back and now it is okay. Price wise I had called five companies and Main Line Waterproofing was the best.

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