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Our goal at Main Line Waterproofing is simple. We want to be able to run into our customers out on the street and say hello. This may not sound like much, but when you think about it it’s a huge deal! You wouldn’t say hello to a person who charged you too much, was pushy and tried to force you to sign right away, did a lousy job, was rude, didn’t honor the agreement, or left your house a mess. You would say hello to contractor who was friendly, completed the job in a timely manner at a great price, did excellent work, and went above and beyond what was expected. We don’t want to provide a satisfactory or a good job. We want to do a job that leaves our customers ecstatic. We know this sounds odd coming from a contractor of all people, but we believe the old way of doing things is gone. With greater access to information people are more informed about both the work they need done and who’s doing the work. And there’s only two kind of contractors you remember, the really bad and the really good. Without fail we want to be part of the second group. We don’t offer exceptional customer service just because we’re nice people (though we are), but because it’s good business. Really happy customers talk and post great reviews online and that means more business for us. Also when I say us I truly mean all of us at Main Line. The best way to happy customers is happy employees. We’re a close-knit group at Main Line we strive to ensure we are completing our mission of providing outstanding service with every job we do. Everyone knows having to fix a moldy and wet basement isn’t fun, but we’ll do our best to create an environment for our customers that solves their problems and leaves them feeling good.

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