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Exterior Waterproofing

Exterior waterproofing is the only true waterproofing solution for a leaky basement. Meaning, it’s the only solution that actually prevents water from entering the basement. The amount of pressure exerted by the water is too great for any interior seal to handle. Exterior waterproofing requires excavating next to the foundation, removing the dirt to the base of the footing, and then applying a waterproof membrane and a protective insulating layer. Sometimes this can be done in conjunction with a French drain installed next to the footing.

That being said, while it’s a great waterproofing option, it’s not always the practical solution. Many areas of the house can be inaccessible to exterior waterproofing due to garages, crawlspaces, hardscaping etc. Also, costs are higher than interior pressure relief systems. The only way to know for certain what the best option for you is to contact us and allow us to assess your particular issue.

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