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Exterior Waterproofing

Whenever possible, it is usually preferable to waterproof a basement from the outside. After all, that’s where the water is. And exterior waterproofing is far less disruptive, dusty and noisy than waterproofing the interior of a home.

When water is absorbed by the soil around a foundation, the soil expands creating pressure that can push water through any small opening, crack or porous spot. This will create seepage in the basement, or worse, cause a basement to flood.

Various methods can be used in exterior waterproofing, depending upon the severity of the problem. Sometimes a basement wall simply leaks. In this case, a waterproofing membrane can be installed. This involves excavating the foundation down to the footings and applying a layer of mortar, then a thick coat of asphalt-modified polyurethane to seal the foundation. After the membrane has cured, it forms a seamless barrier around the foundation that not only keeps out the water but could also add to the structural integrity of the walls.

More extensive water problems call for different solutions. After decades of waterproofing homes in our area, Main Line Waterproofing has become the go-to specialists when it comes to diagnosing the source of water entering a basement, and the most effective solutions.

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